The information days were held in Spain, the country of the coordinating organization of the project: Asociación Servicio Capuchino de Cooperación al Desarrollo-Aragón.

They were structured as follows:

25th July 2017. Day dedicated to professionals in the health sector. Doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, therapists and nurses in the region where the event is held were called. The short film was exhibited and the guide was provided, explaining the importance of music therapy and the techniques adopted in this project. The importance of transnational comparison therapeutically was discussed, on one hand, and on the other to a cultural level, and the role of the European Union stood in its role in helping and supporting the exchanges among nations.

Programme – Professionals. ESP, ENG, DEU, ITA (PDF)

Poster – Professionals. ESP (PDF)


26th July 2017. Day dedicated to the public. The doors were opened to all those who feel the importance of enjoying a few moments of joy and inner peace with music therapy. There was a moment dedicated to the exhibition of the short film, another dedicated to the live representation of the body language interpreted directly by the beneficiaries, and a time where viewers could find their own inner selves experiencing firsthand the different techniques of music therapy developed in this project.

Programme – Public. ESP, ENG, DEU, ITA (PDF)

Poster – Public. ESP (PDF)

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