Andirivieni Società Cooperativa Sociale, since its birth, wants to provide school and territorial socio-educational services, managing services dedicated to minors and disabled persons throughout the territory of Canavese.

Andirivieni was born in Rivarolo Canavese in 1995 from the many social and educational interventions in the province of Turin.

The decision of the partners to establish a social cooperative falls on a path of growth and common reflection, along with the awareness of having to ensure action to education through professionalism and continued intervention in time.

Decisively inserted in the Canavese sociocultural context in which it operates and which draws its essence, inspired by the values of solidarity, democracy, equality and equity, Andirivieni intends to pursue the general interest of the community, stimulating citizen social growth and integration, paying particular attention to the weakest categories. That way projects for the neediest populations are developed.

Andirivieni can provide support in a wide range of professions, such as professional educators, sociocultural animators, educators, trainers, home workers, etc.

Erasmus+ project