Centro Social San Antonio


Centro Social San Antonio, legally supported by the Asociación Servicio Capuchino de Cooperación al Desarrollo-Aragón is an NGO working for the integration of people at risk of social exclusion. At state level, we are part of SERCADE (Servicio Capuchino de Cooperación al Desarrollo).

The aims of the association are:

– Promoting multiculturalism, promotion and social integration of homeless people and / or people who are at risk of social exclusion.

– To foster the training and employment of people at risk of social exclusion, raise awareness about other peoples of the world and promote respect for them, work to ensure effective respect for human rights throughout the world, the development of peoples without discrimination on grounds of sex, race, religion or political ideology, and promoting care and support of older people in activities involving support and promotion.

To achieve these purposes the following activities may be carried out, among others, related to this project:

– Employment workshops and other social initiatives, entrepreneur’s social entrepreneurship, care services for people at risk of exclusion, etc.

– Exchanges with other groups working the same issues.

Since 2005, we carry out different socio-cultural initiatives to improve the situation of the most excluded people; in this field and as reflected in our statutes are a priority for women, ethnic minorities and persons of foreign origin.

Among the programs carried out with users of the Centre are:

To care for basic needs (social room, attention to families in difficulty, closet service, showers and medical care), and other projects funded by the Diputación General de Aragón. These projects have been launched the following services: Day Centre, Coffee-heat, lodging, counselling, workshops (computer, painting and theatre), wooden objects and building maintenance workshops (insertion space partner labour), awareness and music therapy.

The Centro Social San Antonio also has a cafeteria open to the public where leisure and entertainment to members of pensioners are possible, also provides rooms for the computer workshop and a hair salon. In addition, it serves as a space for various neighborhood associations to develop their work in community revitalization in our facilities; among them can name the Asociación Agua (which conducts activities targeted at women to improve their welfare: healthy back, Pilates, yoga, salsa…), Cáritas, etc.

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