VMDO e.v.

Our organization, Verbund sozial kulturelle Migrantenvereine in Dortmund, VMDO e.V (Sociocultural Union of Migrant Associations) in Dortmund, Germany, is a central organization for 34 different organizations. It was founded in 2008. There is no target group because we work with associations dedicated to different target audiences. We have a variety of associations for children, youth, adults, migrants and refugees. We manage organizations and support them in carrying out the projects. The intention of our foundation is to be a central organization in which the members of the associations come together to organize intercultural projects. The projects are based on awareness among foreigners, weakening prejudices and supporting coexistence.


Our activities are:

– Extension of studies irrespective of social and cultural ideology and religious political

– Management and expansion of education and knowledge

– To enable education, especially for migrants

– Our courses, lectures, seminars and workshops should help find his goal in general, professional, cultural, intercultural and social aspects


Not only we dedicate to one target group. We have a variety of partnerships. And so we have made many projects, particularly in Dortmund. To expand our intercultural cooperation we conduct international projects that support us in intercultural studies. We have worked with foreign countries such as Turkey, Greece, Romania and Spain, and we make exchanges in which especially young people have a chance to participate in seminars and continuing education outside school. In our exchanges we intend to give a current topic seminars, inform them and make workshops to find solutions. Intercultural meeting and gain knowledge and experience in a foreign country is a priority. The most important is the role of awareness. Participants in these projects remove prejudices against the «foreign». Because of these projects we have made many experiences.

Erasmus+ project